Key Figures

  • 15 Early-Stage Researcher positions
  • 15 Early-Stage Researchers recruited


Fellow Supervisor Host Institution Individual Research Project Status
ESR1 P. Samorì UNISTRA Formation of S2DMs via surface-assisted dynamic covalent chemistry approach Position filled
ESR2 P. Samorì UNISTRA S2DMs in field-effect transistors: fabrication and multiscale characterization Position filled
ESR3 P. Samorì UNISTRA Synthetic 2D materials in energy related applications: from supercapacitors to membranes Position filled
ESR4 A. Zurutuza Graphenea Bulk synthesis of S2DMs using industrially relevant processes Position filled
ESR5 S. De Feyter KU Leuven On-surface S2DMs: formation, characterization, manipulation and processing Position filled
ESR6 L. Gross IBM Generation, charging and characterization of S2DM on insulating films Position filled
ESR7 G. Cuniberti TUD Modeling and computational design of S2DMs Position filled
ESR8 X. Feng TUD S2DMs based on metal-bis(dithiolene) coordination by the interfacial synthesis Position filled
ESR9 X. Feng TUD S2DMs for energy storage applications Position filled
ESR10 S. Hecht DWI Building blocks for generation of S2DMs via surface-assisted dynamic covalent chemistry approach Position filled
ESR11 S. Prato APE Nanoscale studies of the properties of the S2DMs by SPM techniques Position filled
ESR12  V. Palermo CNR-ISOF Supramolecular self-assembly and characterization of S2DMs Position filled
ESR13 F. Bonaccorso IIT Solution processing of S2DMs and deposition on large area for realizing photoelectrochemical cells Position filled
ESR14 L. Grill UNI GRAZ Formation of novel covalent S2DMs by dehalogenation and their structural, electronic and electrical characterization Position filled
ESR15 R. Fasel EMPA Fabrication and nanoscale characterization of S2DMs at surfaces Position filled